Usage Completion Services
for Mobile Network Operators
Airtime Credit Service (ACS)

What does the service deliver?

Our Airtime Credit Service provides micro-loan options for customers when they run out of airtime or data. This allows them to either increase their data balance or top up on airtime credit, directly from their phones. Customers can simply send a request through IVR, USSD, SMS, Web or App, notifying IMS’s platform to establish the customer’s eligibility. Once we have determined this status, customers can select between the various loan credit options and immediately receive the airtime or data. The amount owed is then conveniently recovered on the customer’s next recharge.

Four Stages of Value addition
Basic service
Entry product offering provides airtime, data and bundle offerings to pre-paid and hybrid customers
Enhanced service
Minimizes insufficient balance events for pre-paid customers. Pushes airtime loan offering to customers at the point of need.
Channel optimization
Increases customer usage of MNO services, extends airtime loans to other value-added services
Other services
Introduces other related value-added services

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