Careers at IMS Ventures


We are looking for creative people who are open to exploring innovative fintech solutions for big emerging market problems. Our culture embraces intellectual curiosity in an environment where constructive disagreement is encouraged. While our teams follow established development processes, we allow space for creativity and ‘out of the box thinking’.

You will be working with some exceptionally smart people who never seem to get their ‘fill’ of doing cool stuff. And our “discuss-the-endpoint-and-we’ll-help-you-get-there” philosophy means that your career track is completely up to you!



  • A work environment that promotes relationships and encourages connection
  • A space that is inspiring and fun
  • Continuous learning and development
  • A supportive and challenging community
  • Recognition for exceptional performance and impact
  • Unique and exciting career stretch opportunities
  • A focus on Professional and Personal well-being
  • Competitive compensation